A large agricultural products processing company

JINJIANG FOODS has the ambition to grow while obeying the oldest and most refined tenets of traditional Chinese agriculture.

The company operates in the North of China: here the land is magnificent from a naturalistic point of view, and fruit and vegetables are grown far away from industrial areas. It is a paradise, gentle, fertile, green, with a nice climate tempered by the Pacific Ocean, which washes the area to the East.

It is here that JINJIANG FOODS processes agricultural products to freeze them instantly, using modern technologies and advanced machinery, so as to preserve all their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

A facility in constant growth

Right from its founding in 2003, JINJIANG FOODS began developing at a steady rate, and now manufactures over 20,000 tons of frozen product each year.

The employees – about 300 people – have not been the only ones to benefit from the company’s commercial success: machinery, technologies and industrial facilities are upgraded constantly in pursuit of the ultimate goals: steady product growth, relentless quality improvements and total respect for the environment.

And corporate strategies have proven successful, judging from the remarkable results in term of earnings and expansion into new markets.
The road ahead is clear, we just need to follow it.

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