Born to be businessmen Every company revolves around its men and women: Jinjiang Foods is a compact, concrete and dedicated team. We know how and when to make our business grow: rapidly, but step by step

Quality above all else There is no other way: products of quality for quality in life. For ourselves and for our customers. To be successful, to live better: because it takes two to win

Socially responsible We are businessmen, we are people: we are fully aware that our biggest asset are the men and women who share this adventure with us. They are our main focus, always

Our goals

Year by year, our company has expanded and grown in terms of its operations and its culture, taking on new challenges. Without being afraid, without being in a hurry.
Today, we are taking on new markets: confident of our expertise, backed by our experience, and conscious that there are still many things to learn and many paths to take.

International standards and certifications

JINJIANG FOODS always operates in full compliance of the most rigorous international standards, and has obtained ISO9001 and HACCP management system international certifications, together with the National food safety certification.

After receiving several awards, such as “Best provincial forestry industry” in 2011 and “Leading company in agricultural industrialization” in 2012, JINJIANG FOODS began successfully expanding beyond national borders and reaching the main international markets.

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